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Our Team

Leslie Burger Leslie Burger served as the Director of Planning and Research and Network Services Director at the Connecticut State Library, Program Coordinator and Director of Library Development at the New Jersey State Library. Leslie is currently the director of the Princeton (NJ) Public Library where she completed a $12 million fundraising campaign leading to the construction of a new $18 million public library. Leslie graduated from Southern Connecticut State College, received her MLS from the University of Maryland and earned a masters degree in organizational behavior from the University of Hartford. Leslie is a recent past President of the American Library Association.

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Alan Burger brings more than twenty years of experience in strategic planning for non profits and for profit organizations. With a specialty in strategic planning, needs assessments, customer service and satisfaction, staff training and development, Alan has worked with many clients on customer service improvement programs to attract and retain library customers and re-positioning their library to meet local community needs. Mr. Burger has interviewed over 3,000 library customers and potential customers in focus group sessions and has surveyed over 27,000 individuals to determine their library and information needs. Alan received his MBA from the University of Hartford. Alan has conducted focus groups, user surveys, and staff development sessions and authored numerous reports for Library Development Solutions. He has consulted with libraries in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

We also have a network of associates who are leading experts in fields such as architecture, technology planning, marketing and public relations who work with us to meet your needs. This includes John Blyberg and John LeMasney, leaders in library technology use and user experience and Jim Hecht, longtime expert in library building programs.

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